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442... 443... 3.141592... 84... 64... how many sheeps could a sheep chuck sheep if a sheep sheep could chuck sheep...

There were times when sleep evaded Delirium of the Endless. She would wait staring at the ceiling, at her pillow, at a collection of freckles on Robb's skin... waiting until her brother would let her eyes fall shut and allow her entrance into his realm. Sometimes it would take minutes and she would sleep, curled up in a small ball beside Robb Stark and other times it would take hours and she would count sheep or ships or sometimes just the freckles on his body. Tonight, she was counting sheep.

999 fluffy little nightmares with razor sharp teeth and their baa-ing... 474... 1,000,001...

Robb was asleep, his eyes closed, beside her. He was different when he slept; younger, more relaxed, beautiful instead of handsome, hers. He felt like hers when he was asleep. Sometimes she could curl up against him, her hand on his shoulder and her head pressed against his chest. Safe. She doesn't feel scared then, she feels safe and whole lying there with him. She hasn't told him that, Helen says she should.

22... 1/8... 9... 723... where is Big Puppy in sheep clothing...

He doesn't stir when she brushes her cold toes against his legs or slides her hand up his chest. Del waits before leaning in close, Safesafesafe, and whispers four words into his ear. Pulling back, she looks at him with wide mismatched eyes before letting out a soft eeeep. Rolling over she hides behind her hair, burying herself beneath the blankets where he cannot see her.

678... 85,498... 1...

The four words, the words she had whispered, were a simple I love you Robb.
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Sometimes Delirium had good days. Sometimes she had bad days. On the bad days she would find ways to amuse herself. She would distance herself from the children. She would take time away and she would be herself. She would be Insanity. Usually on those days she would just taunt Danica or play by herself or make insane ice cream. But not today. Today, Delirium had something else in mind.

Suits. Ess-you-eye-tea-ess. And in particular stuffy, sexy, slinky suits. Suits with lots of S words to describe them. Suits with style. Suits that belonged to one Stephen Colbert.

It wasn't that she didn't like Stephen's suits. She did. However she liked Stephen's suits a lot more when they were not on him and when he was in fact naked like he was supposed to be. But there was another S word that stopped him, the one Lucy invented which meant everyone felt awkward naked- Shame. Humans felt Shame when naked. And she didn't think Stephen had anything to be ashamed about. She wanted him to be happy and more importantly she wanted to have fun.

And if that meant making him take off his clothes then that was what she would do.

Obtaining the items in question wasn't hard. In fact all it took was two trips downstairs to the basement when she checked on the twins sleeping beside Asher's bed and making sure she hid the evidence out of sight when anyone came close. Now that she had the suits, all she had to do was leave the note when she took the twins upstairs.

The note simply read:

dO nOT go TO THe POLIcE oR MAkE ANy conTACT witH THem. WE wiLL coNTACT yoU AgAin sOON.
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Delirium was annoyed and irritated and she didn't know why. She'd patted Barnabas, she'd read to the twins, she'd drank and she'd relaxed but she was just so... pissed off! She didn't even feel like sitting on Lance's lap. Squirming in the chair for the full session, Delirium irritably answered the majority of his questions and tried not to be driven to distraction at the state of the Compound. She just wanted everything nice and clean and tidy and ordered. Even she couldn't see the patterns within the chaos right now, it was just mess- disorganised, chaotic, filthy mess. And no one understood. No one understood her anyway but it was just more annoying than usual.

Muttering something about pillows not hugging her properly to Sweets, Del squirmed and sighed as their time finished. She was even annoyed with him which was unusual. She liked him, liked pushing him and seeing how far it would take to make him break into little pieces but today he was just annoying. Everything was annoying. She'd banished Barnabas and Cerberus to stay with Asher for the day because she was that irritated.

She felt like Desire when he-she-it did not get his-her-its way. And it was stupid because they were all trying so hard to please her but she found even that annoying.

Waddling towards the lift, Delirium stopped suddenly making a half pained- half annoyed sound in her throat. Bending over, she panted irritably before taking off her jumper. She was too hot, too tired, too everything and no one was helping her. And now she had to wait for the stupid lift.

"wiLL thiS DAy NevER eND?" Delirium snapped before laughing to herself. Endless days and a member of the Endless bemoaning them. That was actually quite funny. Capital letters Funny.

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Let It Go

Apr. 27th, 2008 11:14 am
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Delirium had almost believed them when they told her it would get better, when they told her that it was just part of being human- but everyday it got worse, everyday she forgot a little bit more. When she looked at her doggies she struggled to remember their names or where she was until she remembered and when she remembered it felt worse, like she had been hurt all over again.

She felt too tired to get up. She didn’t want to eat or drink and when they saw her they made her eat or drink and then they left her again and she was alone. Jack had told her to push them away but that hadn’t helped, pretending hadn’t helped either and nothing made it better. It just hurt, hurt all over until she could barely breathe or think about anything else but leaving it all behind.

Delirium had found the bottle sometime in the night and she had drunk it all. It had made her feel better for a while, it had made her forget but in the morning she remembered it all. She remembered his soft hands on her face, the way he kissed her and held her. The way that he had loved her. She felt sick.

Delirium ran into the bathroom, retching into the sink, tears streaming down her face. The shock of her pale face in the mirror startled her and she stared, stared past the mirror at her sister. Her sisters. Desire wasn't happy just playing with Dream's life she had to interfere in hers. She could almost hear them- their cruel laughter. "I hate you, I hate you!" Delirium said throwing the bottle at the mirror, smashing the bottle into pieces.

Delirium stared at the broken shards of the bottle and laughed hysterically. Each edge broken and jagged; left empty and alone with no purpose. Just like her. Delirium picked up a large piece of the glass, ignoring it biting into her fingertips causing red trickles to run down her hands. Blood red, like her hair. Delirium stared at it unknowingly, blinking back tears as they ran down her face.

Delirium placed the shard into the sink and drew an unsteady swirl onto the mirror in her blood. Delirium heard Barnabas's barks and picked up the shard, rushing to the door and pushing her weight against it. "It's okay Barnabas, I'm going home. I'm ready now," Delirium said, her breath coming in short breaths as she leaned against the door. Barnabas threw his weight against the door, howling at her.

Sobbing Delirium took the shard of glass and ran it down her wrists, watching the blood rush to the surface. She attempted to try the other one but found herself unable; Delirium lay down in front of the door beginning to feel tired. Delirium felt her weight shift as the door pushed open and someone began to try to help her. Delirium closed her eyes and smiled at the sound of wings.

"Hello sister," Delirium whispered happily.
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She had the radio on, out of habbit, the slightly buzzing static grating on her nerves but she didn't move from her bed. She hadn't seen Pintel for days and Ragetti had been suspiciously quiet as of late, the treehouse was empty except for herself and Barnabas. Delirium rolled over, pulling the blue nightshirt down and stared at the ceiling.

"This is an emergency broadcast," The radio stated, switching quickly from pleasant white noise to the sound of a child. Delirium sat up quickly, she recognised the voice before she heard his name. "This is Klaus Baudelaire, Island Council representative, issuing an island-wide ALERT. We are under attack. Please STAY IN YOUR HOMES until help can arrive. If you-"

Klaus's voice was cut off by a series of screams and noises in the far background. A rush of adrenalin filled her as she pulled on her shoes and grabbed her jumper. She had to find them; Samara, Ragetti, her mortals. She couldn't stay there, it wasn't safe and Samara was only little. "Barnabas!" Delirium yelled, grabbing a jumper as she ran out her room and out of the treehouse. She had to find them, they weren't immortal. She had to find them.

The radio continued the broadcast, unaware it was no longer being listened to.

"Do not try to come to the Compound. The Compound is not safe. New Atlantis may be sound, it has a shield. If- Oh GOD. Oh my God, I think there's something in the caves. There's something in the caves, I can hear scratching-"
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Delirium didn't know where to go anymore, everywhere was wrong and it had gone so quiet. She preferred the screaming, she knew all about screaming but the silence was killing her. Delirium stumbled through the trees towards her home, the asylum. "Barnabas," Delirium called out, the german shepherd following her swiftly. He wouldn't let her out of her sight, not until it was safe.

She couldn't find Samara, John, Abby and oh god... her pirates. "Ragetti?" Delirium called out, approaching their home. "Pintel? Roshaun!"

Delirium turned at the sound of a crack, a twig breaking behind her. She was dead, she was dead, oh gods it would hurt. It would..."Wha-" Barnabas barked a warning at the man as Delirium stared at him confused. He wasn't her pirate. "What are you doing here?"

[[Timed to Post Halloween Plot]]
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He was holding onto her waist, tightly and saying that this was possibly a stupid idea. But Delirium didn't care because she could feel him hot and hard and demanding beneath her. He tilted his head to kiss her, the angle painful but good and the kiss was hard.

She mover her head and body slightly so she could get a better grasp of him. He wasn't like Ragetti, he knew his way around a woman. Turning her whole body so she was facing him, her knees pressed into the sand, she kissed him just as hard back.


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