Feb. 10th, 2012

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442... 443... 3.141592... 84... 64... how many sheeps could a sheep chuck sheep if a sheep sheep could chuck sheep...

There were times when sleep evaded Delirium of the Endless. She would wait staring at the ceiling, at her pillow, at a collection of freckles on Robb's skin... waiting until her brother would let her eyes fall shut and allow her entrance into his realm. Sometimes it would take minutes and she would sleep, curled up in a small ball beside Robb Stark and other times it would take hours and she would count sheep or ships or sometimes just the freckles on his body. Tonight, she was counting sheep.

999 fluffy little nightmares with razor sharp teeth and their baa-ing... 474... 1,000,001...

Robb was asleep, his eyes closed, beside her. He was different when he slept; younger, more relaxed, beautiful instead of handsome, hers. He felt like hers when he was asleep. Sometimes she could curl up against him, her hand on his shoulder and her head pressed against his chest. Safe. She doesn't feel scared then, she feels safe and whole lying there with him. She hasn't told him that, Helen says she should.

22... 1/8... 9... 723... where is Big Puppy in sheep clothing...

He doesn't stir when she brushes her cold toes against his legs or slides her hand up his chest. Del waits before leaning in close, Safesafesafe, and whispers four words into his ear. Pulling back, she looks at him with wide mismatched eyes before letting out a soft eeeep. Rolling over she hides behind her hair, burying herself beneath the blankets where he cannot see her.

678... 85,498... 1...

The four words, the words she had whispered, were a simple I love you Robb.


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