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She had the radio on, out of habbit, the slightly buzzing static grating on her nerves but she didn't move from her bed. She hadn't seen Pintel for days and Ragetti had been suspiciously quiet as of late, the treehouse was empty except for herself and Barnabas. Delirium rolled over, pulling the blue nightshirt down and stared at the ceiling.

"This is an emergency broadcast," The radio stated, switching quickly from pleasant white noise to the sound of a child. Delirium sat up quickly, she recognised the voice before she heard his name. "This is Klaus Baudelaire, Island Council representative, issuing an island-wide ALERT. We are under attack. Please STAY IN YOUR HOMES until help can arrive. If you-"

Klaus's voice was cut off by a series of screams and noises in the far background. A rush of adrenalin filled her as she pulled on her shoes and grabbed her jumper. She had to find them; Samara, Ragetti, her mortals. She couldn't stay there, it wasn't safe and Samara was only little. "Barnabas!" Delirium yelled, grabbing a jumper as she ran out her room and out of the treehouse. She had to find them, they weren't immortal. She had to find them.

The radio continued the broadcast, unaware it was no longer being listened to.

"Do not try to come to the Compound. The Compound is not safe. New Atlantis may be sound, it has a shield. If- Oh GOD. Oh my God, I think there's something in the caves. There's something in the caves, I can hear scratching-"
endlessdel: (HalloweenPlot-distress)
Delirium didn't know where to go anymore, everywhere was wrong and it had gone so quiet. She preferred the screaming, she knew all about screaming but the silence was killing her. Delirium stumbled through the trees towards her home, the asylum. "Barnabas," Delirium called out, the german shepherd following her swiftly. He wouldn't let her out of her sight, not until it was safe.

She couldn't find Samara, John, Abby and oh god... her pirates. "Ragetti?" Delirium called out, approaching their home. "Pintel? Roshaun!"

Delirium turned at the sound of a crack, a twig breaking behind her. She was dead, she was dead, oh gods it would hurt. It would..."Wha-" Barnabas barked a warning at the man as Delirium stared at him confused. He wasn't her pirate. "What are you doing here?"

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