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Delirium is the anthropomorphic personification of...well...insanity and madness. If you ever had a moment where you doubted reality, had a fever or was ever insane for a mere moment, you belonged in her realm and she considers you hers. Her play things, her treasures and she is very possesive of you. She is the youngest of the Endless, those that were before humanity, before stars, before everything. The other members of the Endless are her siblings she has six of them; Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire and Despair. She used to be Delight but she changed. She has a dog named Barnabus, he can talk.

Her appearance is based on other's perceptions of her, however, being in the form of a human she has taken on more human appearances. She looks to be in her early to mid twenties, with a small and petite frame. She has kept her mismatched eyes; one being of a vein blue colour and the other a vivid green colour. A piece of rope is tied to her wrist, it is ratty and worn out, it was supposed to keep her from getting lost- it didn't work.

She finds herself, confused and dazed, on Tabula Rasa just before the events of "Endless Nights".

Her inventory at the time was as follows:
Yellow Men’s t-shirt (Size Large)
Pink gauze ballet skirt
Blue and yellow spotted leggings
Black fishnet tights
Black fishnet top.
Black doc marten boots
Fish pendant
Three badges (Smiley face, rainbow badge and a dog)
Piece of rope (currently attached to her arm)

She gained one Dog named Barnabas with rope, charm collar and dogtag.

I am not the character Delirium, or the musician Tori Amos, on whom this portrayal is based. Delirium belongs to a Mr Neil Gaiman. Tori Amos belongs to herself, and possibly to Mr Neil Gaiman. This journal is for roleplaying at the_blank_slate and no money is being made from it.
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