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Mailbox for Delirium.
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Delirium didn't know where to go anymore, everywhere was wrong and it had gone so quiet. She preferred the screaming, she knew all about screaming but the silence was killing her. Delirium stumbled through the trees towards her home, the asylum. "Barnabas," Delirium called out, the german shepherd following her swiftly. He wouldn't let her out of her sight, not until it was safe.

She couldn't find Samara, John, Abby and oh god... her pirates. "Ragetti?" Delirium called out, approaching their home. "Pintel? Roshaun!"

Delirium turned at the sound of a crack, a twig breaking behind her. She was dead, she was dead, oh gods it would hurt. It would..."Wha-" Barnabas barked a warning at the man as Delirium stared at him confused. He wasn't her pirate. "What are you doing here?"

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Mar. 12th, 2007 04:29 pm
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Delirium walked slowly along the path leading away from the compound. She'd been staying there since the party largely due to the tsunami, it had barely touched the treehouse but Ragetti was trying to protect her and had decided to tie her up for her safekeeping. Her wrists were raw from being tied up and she rubbed them absentmindedly. All she had wanted to do was go out and play with it a little, maybe drown just a tiny bit.

She was headed back to the treehouse when she first started to hear the noise, angry noises and other noises and they reminded her of days long gone by. Days when human mortals didn't rule the Earth but other things did. It worried her, a little. She turned and that was when she saw it.

Her pirate.
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He was holding onto her waist, tightly and saying that this was possibly a stupid idea. But Delirium didn't care because she could feel him hot and hard and demanding beneath her. He tilted his head to kiss her, the angle painful but good and the kiss was hard.

She mover her head and body slightly so she could get a better grasp of him. He wasn't like Ragetti, he knew his way around a woman. Turning her whole body so she was facing him, her knees pressed into the sand, she kissed him just as hard back.
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First there was a Death primer, then came the Dream primer and the next sensible step would be to offer a Delirium primer also.

So if you've ever had a nervous breakdown, been driven insane, suffered from hallucinations, had a fever, seen things that aren't really there, heard voices, suffered from major paranoia, psychosis or any major mental health problems then you're probably one of Delirium's happy little playthings.

Delirium is not likely to remember much about you but if you would like her to know some things about your pups then please comment with their given names and any information about what occured then that would be peachy.

This is of course all optional but if you do wish to participate then *loffs*


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