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The world did not feel right, Sol fell beneath the Moon and turned and tossed. The boat felt uneven and troublesome on calm seas. She dreamed of her brother falling and falling and falling. Waves of unpleasantness and sticky things rolling onto the shore before crashing over. Sheep endless spinning sheep on a spinning spinning-

Waking up with a start, she pressed her hand against Robb's chest and half wiggling-half falling out of bed. Nimble, pale, hands grabbing the emergency bucket she had tucked beneath the bed after the second-third-fourth-fifth day of this awful stomach ickyness and ran towards the bathroom. Her feet carried her much quicker this time and she even made it before she was sick again. It looked very pretty, all pretty colours of last night's dinner but it made her feel awful.

"If I sing nicely will you shush now tummy, shush." Delirium muttered, shivering a little. She wished it would go away, sometimes she felt better but not until very late and then it would start all over again. Again and again.
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"One... two... two... two..." Del turned in a circle, spinning around as she counted one-two children but not a third. Stopping as she spun, she fell down in a heap of skirts and flowers and laughed as she caught one then two children and gathered them up in her arms. Kissing the twins on both cheeks, she looked dizzily around the outside of Summerfell. "Where's Reynald?"

Del tortured her children with tickling and kisses but still they did not tell on where Reynald was. Letting the twins go, she kissed them both before struggling as she tried to get back up.

"I cannot get up I am too dizzy," Del said, lying flat on her back as she laughed. It was even harder to get up when she couldn't stop laughing, her little legs kicking back and forth like an overturned turtle. Waving her arms in the air, she let out a pitiful call for Robb. "Robb! I can't get up!"
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The morning air was cool, sweet as she waited for him. Robb. A soft smile lit her face as she shivered in the breeze. Drawing his borrowed, stolen... Robb's shirt tighter around her body, around her shoulders, she took a step closer to the sea and to the friend that was slowly waking. Her hand and gaze tilting upwards as she stared at her beloved friend, Sol.

Whispering a soft prayer, closing her eyes in the old forgotten magic, she took a step further into the water and let the water wash over her. Almost forgetting where or who she was. She was Delirium, Delight, Del. Tempus Frangit. Time had changed her, time had broken her but now she was older and now she was stronger. Because of her cage, because of him, because of everything that had happened. She was stronger, she didn't need to hold onto the old hurt anymore.

"It's okay, it's okay now..." Del whispered, letting her fingertips brush the water before she opened her eyes. Head turning and smile lighting up her face as her mismatched eyes caught sight of the man who made her stronger, who made her weaker. The man that she loved. Wading back in, she moved up the beach quickly before coming to a sudden stop in front of him. "Good morning Robb Stark."

Leaning up onto her tiptoes, Del went to kiss him before turning her head and brushing her lips against his cheek. "Good morning Robb."
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442... 443... 3.141592... 84... 64... how many sheeps could a sheep chuck sheep if a sheep sheep could chuck sheep...

There were times when sleep evaded Delirium of the Endless. She would wait staring at the ceiling, at her pillow, at a collection of freckles on Robb's skin... waiting until her brother would let her eyes fall shut and allow her entrance into his realm. Sometimes it would take minutes and she would sleep, curled up in a small ball beside Robb Stark and other times it would take hours and she would count sheep or ships or sometimes just the freckles on his body. Tonight, she was counting sheep.

999 fluffy little nightmares with razor sharp teeth and their baa-ing... 474... 1,000,001...

Robb was asleep, his eyes closed, beside her. He was different when he slept; younger, more relaxed, beautiful instead of handsome, hers. He felt like hers when he was asleep. Sometimes she could curl up against him, her hand on his shoulder and her head pressed against his chest. Safe. She doesn't feel scared then, she feels safe and whole lying there with him. She hasn't told him that, Helen says she should.

22... 1/8... 9... 723... where is Big Puppy in sheep clothing...

He doesn't stir when she brushes her cold toes against his legs or slides her hand up his chest. Del waits before leaning in close, Safesafesafe, and whispers four words into his ear. Pulling back, she looks at him with wide mismatched eyes before letting out a soft eeeep. Rolling over she hides behind her hair, burying herself beneath the blankets where he cannot see her.

678... 85,498... 1...

The four words, the words she had whispered, were a simple I love you Robb.
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There was something about a surprise that Delirium enjoyed more than anything else in the world. She wasn't sure if it was the mixture of the good and the bad or the anticipation and the dread but Delirium savoured the feeling of joy and delight and horror and panic. Today was supposed to be a surprise, a date of surprises with Robb Stark who made her feel different. She hadn't meant to talk to him or like him or love him but she did and she certainly hadn't meant for him to talk back or like her or want to take her out on dates but he did. He had surprised her, agreeing with her for a date, he had snuck up on her- Sneaky Stark- but she didn't mind. She didn't mind at all.

"How do I look?" Del asked, twisting her fingers into her dress. She had dressed simply for him in a dress made of stormy blues and wintery grey layers. Her hair was tied loosely but neatly, spilling multi-coloured curls down her back. And she wore her family's symbols around her neck. She looked strangely beautiful. And Barnabas didn't mind telling her that with a bark. "Thank you Barnabas, you should go. I'll be okay, Robb Stark will look after me."

Barnabas barked, sharper as if to indicte he had better. Del smiled, patting her guardian before slipping the rope off her wrist and watching him as he left her. Sitting, Del bit her lip and waited for Robb. He would be here soon and then he could start surprising her all over again.


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