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There was something about a surprise that Delirium enjoyed more than anything else in the world. She wasn't sure if it was the mixture of the good and the bad or the anticipation and the dread but Delirium savoured the feeling of joy and delight and horror and panic. Today was supposed to be a surprise, a date of surprises with Robb Stark who made her feel different. She hadn't meant to talk to him or like him or love him but she did and she certainly hadn't meant for him to talk back or like her or want to take her out on dates but he did. He had surprised her, agreeing with her for a date, he had snuck up on her- Sneaky Stark- but she didn't mind. She didn't mind at all.

"How do I look?" Del asked, twisting her fingers into her dress. She had dressed simply for him in a dress made of stormy blues and wintery grey layers. Her hair was tied loosely but neatly, spilling multi-coloured curls down her back. And she wore her family's symbols around her neck. She looked strangely beautiful. And Barnabas didn't mind telling her that with a bark. "Thank you Barnabas, you should go. I'll be okay, Robb Stark will look after me."

Barnabas barked, sharper as if to indicte he had better. Del smiled, patting her guardian before slipping the rope off her wrist and watching him as he left her. Sitting, Del bit her lip and waited for Robb. He would be here soon and then he could start surprising her all over again.
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Robb has not actually gone on many dates, before. His romantic experience went something like:

Betrothed but not to anybody in particular.
Married more or less by accident.
Had a lover, but hadn't realised it in time to date first.
Married again, to same woman as before.
Single father.

He had actually taken Jeyne on date-like things, at the beginning when she'd arrived and they were getting to know each other again. His creativity is not boundless, however, and he feels that re-using an idea he'd previously used with his wife would be dishonourable somehow, and also that Jeyne and Delirium were actually unlikely to enjoy quite the same things.

Still, there are only so many things to do, on the island. He'd finally decided to stop worrying about it. It's more likely to surprise her if it's a sort of surprise for him, too.

She's waiting for him, looking a bit like part of the landscape in a way he can't entirely explain. "Hello, Del. That's a lovely dress."
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Robb laughs, taking her hands lightly. "I don't want to borrow your dress, it looks much better on you," he promises, and grins a little, sheepish. "I hope I'm going to surprise you." That's the idea, anyway. Whether he manages it, well, that depends.
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Robb flushes pink, but nods. "I think that's how the line is supposed to go," he allows, because he wouldn't ever actually say a thing like that himself. "Come on. Feel like going for a walk?"
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Of course he's blushing; there are things Robb is used to hearing from soldiers but not, generally speaking, ladies in pretty gowns. "Hiding, I think," he answers, offering her his arm. "Or hunting. Keeping an quiet eye on us."
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The information Robb has collected about her siblings over the course of time is a bit of a chaotic mess, but he feels that he has a vague sort of picture. But it's the rest of what she says that makes him ask--"What do you mean they don't come to you?"
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"I think," Robb says thoughtfully, "that the kinds of troubles and worries people have here, that quite a lot of the time they won't be things you can change. Or that any of us can." People disappearing, for instance. "Still," he adds, smiling at her quickly, "it's good to want to try."
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That's the sort of loaded question where you know it's got to be a trick, except that this time, Robb is quite sure it isn't. "Who doesn't want happiness?"
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It was, admittedly, not always something Robb had been able to wish too hard for. But on the island, where his only responsibility is his family, it's easier to think he might get it.

For now, though, he just catches her hand, and draws her down the path.
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Robb laughs, shaking his head. "I don't think so, but maybe that's the surprise," he offers. "That we get there before realising it."
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"Not a clue," Robb answers, but he's clearly teasing, or is else very good at pretending, because he's leading in a very definite sort of path.
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There's a place where a little ravine cuts through part of the island on the way toward the dinosaur country; not big enough to be a major problem but just a bit too wide for most people to jump. He turns and grins at her, tugging a long braided vine rope from one of the trees. "See? No prior preparation at all."
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Robb shrugs a little, almost awkwardly. "It's fun, "he says. "And it seemed like the kind of thing you might like." He takes hold of the rope and holds out an arm to her. "Hold on?"
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"Both, I think," Robb admits, wrapping an arm around her waist. "But you can just hold onto me if you want to."
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"Maybe so," Robb laughs, taking hold of the rope with the other hand to swing them across the ravine. Admittedly, there are other ways around it, but this one is definitely more fun.