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Delirium ([personal profile] endlessdel) wrote2009-01-07 06:40 pm
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In her entire lifetime, both human and non-human, Delirium could not recall ever feeling this nervous. Not even on her wedding day had she felt this nervous, she'd simply felt happy and joyful. It was only later that she had felt vengeful and hurt and everything went inside-out wrongways round until she was no longer herself and had become something else entirely. But today, today of all days she felt nervous.

It was not a feeling that she had recognised at first; the fluttering feeling in her stomach, the faint tightness in her chest and the unending worry that she had felt since it had really, really dawned on her that she was carrying a life inside her. It wasn't as if today was special or different, she was just going to have a picture taken of the bump that was all. She was just going to listen to the bunsquid, just to hear it- oh barnabas, she felt sick.

Biting on her fingernails, Delirium looked up at the approaching footsteps and made a face at Asher. Why couldn't Asher have his stomach scanned instead? That would be nice and then she wouldn't have to worry so much.

"i FEEL sQUirmy, bad squiRMY not goOD squirmY squishy." Delirium told him promptly, rubbing her hands and bitten nails over her stomach.

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