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Delirium ([personal profile] endlessdel) wrote2009-05-04 03:05 am
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Babies On A Lift (Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?)

Delirium was annoyed and irritated and she didn't know why. She'd patted Barnabas, she'd read to the twins, she'd drank and she'd relaxed but she was just so... pissed off! She didn't even feel like sitting on Lance's lap. Squirming in the chair for the full session, Delirium irritably answered the majority of his questions and tried not to be driven to distraction at the state of the Compound. She just wanted everything nice and clean and tidy and ordered. Even she couldn't see the patterns within the chaos right now, it was just mess- disorganised, chaotic, filthy mess. And no one understood. No one understood her anyway but it was just more annoying than usual.

Muttering something about pillows not hugging her properly to Sweets, Del squirmed and sighed as their time finished. She was even annoyed with him which was unusual. She liked him, liked pushing him and seeing how far it would take to make him break into little pieces but today he was just annoying. Everything was annoying. She'd banished Barnabas and Cerberus to stay with Asher for the day because she was that irritated.

She felt like Desire when he-she-it did not get his-her-its way. And it was stupid because they were all trying so hard to please her but she found even that annoying.

Waddling towards the lift, Delirium stopped suddenly making a half pained- half annoyed sound in her throat. Bending over, she panted irritably before taking off her jumper. She was too hot, too tired, too everything and no one was helping her. And now she had to wait for the stupid lift.

"wiLL thiS DAy NevER eND?" Delirium snapped before laughing to herself. Endless days and a member of the Endless bemoaning them. That was actually quite funny. Capital letters Funny.

OOC:Tagging order Del, Sweets, Stephen.

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