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Babies On A Lift (Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?)

Delirium was annoyed and irritated and she didn't know why. She'd patted Barnabas, she'd read to the twins, she'd drank and she'd relaxed but she was just so... pissed off! She didn't even feel like sitting on Lance's lap. Squirming in the chair for the full session, Delirium irritably answered the majority of his questions and tried not to be driven to distraction at the state of the Compound. She just wanted everything nice and clean and tidy and ordered. Even she couldn't see the patterns within the chaos right now, it was just mess- disorganised, chaotic, filthy mess. And no one understood. No one understood her anyway but it was just more annoying than usual.

Muttering something about pillows not hugging her properly to Sweets, Del squirmed and sighed as their time finished. She was even annoyed with him which was unusual. She liked him, liked pushing him and seeing how far it would take to make him break into little pieces but today he was just annoying. Everything was annoying. She'd banished Barnabas and Cerberus to stay with Asher for the day because she was that irritated.

She felt like Desire when he-she-it did not get his-her-its way. And it was stupid because they were all trying so hard to please her but she found even that annoying.

Waddling towards the lift, Delirium stopped suddenly making a half pained- half annoyed sound in her throat. Bending over, she panted irritably before taking off her jumper. She was too hot, too tired, too everything and no one was helping her. And now she had to wait for the stupid lift.

"wiLL thiS DAy NevER eND?" Delirium snapped before laughing to herself. Endless days and a member of the Endless bemoaning them. That was actually quite funny. Capital letters Funny.

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As soon as their session was complete, Sweets tucked the notes into her file to be dealt with later and grabbed the notice for the small celebration for Jill so he could take it upstairs and pin it to the bulletin board. He slipped on his suit jacket, straightened his tie, then headed for the elevator.

He'd known she wasn't feeling well, but seeing her bent over and so obviously agitated, was cause for concern. He stepped up next to her and his brows furrowed.

"Delirium, I didn't ask...you look like you're in pain. I think maybe I should get you to the clinic, just to make sure you're okay." Her due date was in her file, circled in red. He knew nothing about having children, but he'd seen enough movies to know it hurt.

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Stephen was just not in the mood for all those stairs. He was not having a good day; he never had good days (unless he was possessed by stupid island crap, apparently), but today he was just so tired.

So he was in the elevator. All he wanted to do was crash on his bed for a nap or something, so of course the doors opened at a floor that was not his. They revealed Del and that doctor guy, what was his name?

"Oh. Hi," he said as cheerfully as possible, which was not much at all. Del looked...unhappy. Stephen waved them in, not wanting this to take much longer.

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He'd been in enough elevators that stalled to know that pressing the button never worked, but he did it anyhow. A behavioral quirk of mankind, the need to feel like he was doing something to rectify the situation.

Of course, it didn't do anything.

"Great," he sighed. "How long do you think it'll be before someone notices this isn't running?"

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Way too long, was the correct answer. Way too long, in this case, meant two minutes.

That was the amount of time it took for Stephen to start whining.

"The one damn time I don't use the stairs, this happens! What the hell kind of elevator is this?!"

He pointed at - what was his name?! - the guy and said accusingly, "You're supposed to be smart, right? Fix it!"

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He'd been the victim of the oops-my-water-broke game too many times to buy into it...until he looks down.

"Whoa," he breathed. He didn't think she'd peed. This might be bad.

"She...your shoe..."

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Stephen sometimes didn't mind a loss of dignity. Now was one of those times, as he backed away hurriedly, into a corner, and flailed his arms.

"My shoe!" Oh God, it was so gross! "Why--these were expensive!"

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"Oh my God...she's in labor," Sweets declared. He wasn't trained for this sort of thing. There was water and noise and a tiny little room with three people and oh-god-oh-god...totally not cool.

He turned and pushed the button again, more frantic than before.

"It'll be okay, Delirium. Just...breathe." That's what they said, right? Breathe. Breathing and hot water. You needed those to have a baby.

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Naturally, Stephen was distracted with staring at his shoes and wondering if the makers really did support gay marriage...

The word labor cut through his inner rantings, though.

"She what?!" he exclaimed, sounding not at all like a man who had a wife who gave birth three times.

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Button pressing stopped abruptly as she sank to the floor. Unnerved or not, she was his patient and therefore, his responsibility. Sweets shed his suit jacket and tucked in in the hand rail, then got to his knees beside her. He'd never noticed just how small the elevator was.

"Delirium, listen to me," he said calmly and way more confidently than he felt. "Come on, you've got to focus on something else. Look...look at the blinking light there. See it? Keep your eyes on that and breathe with me. Let go os Stephen's pants before you pull them off."

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Stephen agreed with that. It was bad enough his shoes were ruined, he didn't want to be pantless, too.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God," he rambled, staring at the elevator doors and wondering if there was a trap door or anything to escape through. "I can't be here! I can't see this! I can't...I wasn't even in the room when my kids were born!"

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If you can keep your cool when everyone else around you is going crazy...

Sweets looked from Delirium to Stephen and back, shook his head slightly, and decided to strike that statement down.

If you can keep your cool when everyone around you is an upstanding citizen of Crazyville...

"Hold her hand, Stephen," he commanded as he moved to try to get her to look at him. Delirium, you can breathe. You have a great imagination, so let's pretend we're somewhere else, okay? Delirium, Stephen, and Lance are where? Come on, you can do this...it's like a game."

A really loud, wet game where he was sure one of them was going to end up with something broken.

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Lance! That was his name! It would probably help to remember that.

The threat of finding a bear anywhere near him (and if anyone could manage that, it was Del) did more to move Stephen towards her than Lance's demand did.

He inched forward, trying to step around the grossness, and bid a fond farewell to his fingers.

Out loud.

Oh, he had seen movies. He knew how this went; it was part of the reason he had never been in the room when his own wife was in labor.

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"That was kind of him," Sweets replied, secretly hoping he might get more insight than he did in their sessions. There was clearly no chance she'd climb into his lap and contemplate who his hair should breed with.

"Okay, just keep breathing. San Francisco is good. San Francisco is a nice place to be." He laid his hand on her stomach gently and was stunned to find that it was rock hard. No wonder she was whimpering and couldn't breathe.

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Stephen, confused, sort of awkwardly patted Del on the head a few times.

"San Francisco?" he repeated, unable to keep from scoffing. "There are so many better places to be..." Belatedly, he realized maybe that wasn't the best thing to say at a time like this. "But it's up to you, Del, so uh, great. Go, San Francisco..."

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Sweets heard her, but it just became a din in the background as he tried to focus. Okay, CPR. He knew CPR. And...God, he couldn't think about what else he knew. There was no way anyone could expect him to be a calm and level headed therapist in this situation.

He just needed a minute.

A minute! Yes!

Sweets undid his cuffs and rolled up his sleeves so he could see his watch. Every now and again he mutters an 'uh huh', even though he wasn't listening to her musings on the bay area. He was counting, timing the minutes between when her stomach became rock hard and when it eased off.

"Oh, that's not good," he said under his breath. At this rate, the kids were going to come before they got out of this elevator. When he looked over at Stephen, that realization was written on his face.

"This is really happening. Like...now."

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Stephen most certainly did not make a sort of whimpering sound.

"I, I mentioned I wasn't in the room when my kids were born, right?"

Translation: What the hell do I do that is not gross?!

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Sweets had no idea what to do, really. There were things he thought he should do, but he really didn't want to be between Delirium's legs. He'd been adamant about personal space and something like this obliterated all of that.

"Okay, okay," he said, mostly to himself. First, the elevator floor was probably filthy, so he grabbed his suit coat and began to spread it. He could so get another one. As soon as he had it spread, he froze. The babies were definitely coming.


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Okay, so far Stephen had all the bones in his fingers. That was good.

"Yes!" he exclaimed, pointing his free hand at Lance. "Yes, that's it! Good plan. Push!"

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"No vacation," Sweets said firmly. "These are your babies, Delirium. You've got to work hard now. Come on. Deep breath and...push."

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"Ow ow motherfuck--ow!" It sounded like Stephen was in more pain than the woman giving birth. He knew better than to try and pull away though - not only because Del would possibly kill him, but because he could probably lose an arm.

"Push!" he added a little weakly, and mostly for selfish reasons.