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The world did not feel right, Sol fell beneath the Moon and turned and tossed. The boat felt uneven and troublesome on calm seas. She dreamed of her brother falling and falling and falling. Waves of unpleasantness and sticky things rolling onto the shore before crashing over. Sheep endless spinning sheep on a spinning spinning-

Waking up with a start, she pressed her hand against Robb's chest and half wiggling-half falling out of bed. Nimble, pale, hands grabbing the emergency bucket she had tucked beneath the bed after the second-third-fourth-fifth day of this awful stomach ickyness and ran towards the bathroom. Her feet carried her much quicker this time and she even made it before she was sick again. It looked very pretty, all pretty colours of last night's dinner but it made her feel awful.

"If I sing nicely will you shush now tummy, shush." Delirium muttered, shivering a little. She wished it would go away, sometimes she felt better but not until very late and then it would start all over again. Again and again.
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Robb is watching her when she comes back, propped up on one elbow, peering at her curiously. "Are you all right?"
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"Apparently," Robb says, half wry and half worried, nestling her against him. "It's been going on for days. I think it's time to give up the idea it's something you ate." Even if, with the bizarre things Del is prone to making, food poisoning is a perfectly logical first assumption.
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"You shouldn't have eaten it, I'm not arguing that," Robb says dryly, his fingertips running down the side of her arm. "I just can't imagine that there's anything left of it by this point."
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Robb understands what most of those words mean, if not necessarily in the order presented. "Or just possibly a different sort of parasite," he offers, wondering if she'll catch on or if he'll have to ask more directly in a moment.
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Robb's smile is tired too, his eyes teasing. "Much as I don't mean to refer to our possible child as a parasite, yes, it does seem likely."
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"A couple of months, I think," Robb says, "and then it gets easier, I think." He may not have first-hand experience, but he watched Jeyne and Susan and Sansa all, and there did seem to be a pattern to it. He kisses her lightly. "We could go see the doctor in the morning and find out."
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"It's entirely up to you," Robb says, because as long as Del doesn't want to pick a doctor who is actually a palm tree or a fish, but is an actual human doctor with actual human medicine, he's fairly flexible on the matter.
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"If you pick a tree, then it isn't up to you anymore," Robb says simply. He has some experience at deflecting her, by now. "And it's possible. I wouldn't know how to tell."
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"The Heart Tree itself isn't going to be a doctor," Robb says wryly, though when he's awake properly he has every intention of praying to it. "Can you get back to sleep now?"
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"Oh?" Robb grins at her, looking rather devious. "Is this a trick so you can throw up on me?"