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The world was a strange and cruel place and only after time a mostly of experience did it make any sense. Or mostly sense, when you were the personification of insanity the things that made no sense made perfect sense and the things that supposedly made sense were complete nonsense. To Delirium being happy in mind surely meant being happy in body but apparently not her stomach kept rioting inside of her. Little goldfishes swimming about and making her feel sick or made her be sick and it hadn't stopped for hours.

Curling up in bed, a burrito of Deliriumness, made her feel better and she had mostly journeyed through her brother's realm. Until it was time to wake up and cook food, not that she mistrusted Robb's cooking and would eat it happily but everyone else seemed to think burnt or uncooked was not peachy. Wiggling out of bed, she tried dress after dress but everything was too tight or just made her mind all squirmy until she finally gave in and wore one of Robb's shirt (all loose and peachy) and a pair of leggings. Much peachier.

Yawning, she rubbed her stomach thoughtfully as she wandered through Summerfell. Eyes alighting on Bran, she smiled tiredly and dropped her hands onto the top of his head. And ran her fingers through his hair.

"Do not worry Bran Stark, I will not let you starve or eat Robb's cooking." Del said, wrinkling her nose as she wandered about. "Do you want to help? Everything still feels-" She wiggled her hands about as if that made perfect sense. "-we can make curry or oh burritos. Maybe curry. Have you eaten that before?"
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Bran turned to see who it was, though only his good-sister ever touched his hair like that. Even though he'd been enjoying the rare, precious quiet, he didn't mind the interruption. She was ill, lately, more and more, so it was good to see her smiling.

"I don't know what those are," he said with that careful blend of interest and caution with which he approached all of her cooking. "But we could make them. What are curry and burritos?"
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"I'll chop," he said and shoved aside the science book Maester Tesla had left him so there was room for all the food.  Of course, he had never been expected to help with the cooking at Winterfell, but Bran liked the slicing and measuring and the pride of eating food you helped create. "Is the tortilla the flat bread-y thing?"  Lots of food was different here.  "You should go see Doctor Leonard so he can help with your belly."

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"Doctor Leonard's not like that," Bran said, loyal to the last. The needles didn't even hurt much, so Bran saw no reason not to like him. But he always had Maester Luwin's steady hands to rely on, had never seen the hurt a healer could do. "Do you think it's because of what you're eating?"
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Bran gave up chopping the cauliflower to look up at her, very worried.

"Was it poisonous?"
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Reassured, in that, at least, Bran smiled a little at the tap to his nose. For all that he was often so serious, it was becoming easier to coax a smile out of Bran to see the boy that he still was. "Was it all...goopy? It's not really meat, jellyfish is more...blobby. What did it taste like?"
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Bran stuck his tongue out as he tried to chop all the vegetables into the littlest pieces he could manage. At least Del didn't want to make jellyfish cury. He didn't want to eat anything that was rubbery. "What are the spices that go in curry?"
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"The spices are different at home," he said as he leaned over to smell what she was holding out before pointing out to the pestle of spices. "Can I try them?"