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"One... two... two... two..." Del turned in a circle, spinning around as she counted one-two children but not a third. Stopping as she spun, she fell down in a heap of skirts and flowers and laughed as she caught one then two children and gathered them up in her arms. Kissing the twins on both cheeks, she looked dizzily around the outside of Summerfell. "Where's Reynald?"

Del tortured her children with tickling and kisses but still they did not tell on where Reynald was. Letting the twins go, she kissed them both before struggling as she tried to get back up.

"I cannot get up I am too dizzy," Del said, lying flat on her back as she laughed. It was even harder to get up when she couldn't stop laughing, her little legs kicking back and forth like an overturned turtle. Waving her arms in the air, she let out a pitiful call for Robb. "Robb! I can't get up!"
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"Because you spun around too much!" Reynald says, not even considering that Del might not know who he is. "That always happens, you get dizzy and fall down!"
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"I can't," Reynald says, matter-of-fact. "Toothless is too small to ride, just now." He isn't sure one way or the other about the planet thing, since he doesn't know about planets, but he's sure all the same that spinning makes you fall down.
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Reynald offers her a hand as she gets to her feet, the very picture of coltish, childlike chivalry. "I wasn't the one spinning," he points out sensibly. "You were! That's why you fell down and I didn't."