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Delirium ([personal profile] endlessdel) wrote2013-07-18 01:59 am

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Tiny fingers clung to a t-shirt several sizes to big. A hand smaller, more feminine curled and tugged at a hole in the Ramones writing. Whilst a masculine, small and tiny, held a sleeve. Like a security blanket.

It was the noise that woke her that morning, not the twins. The crashing noise from the rooms above that made her jump out of her skin. The noise coming from her old rooms or her pirates room at the very top of the treehouse. Two whole floors above her of noise, pure noise.

Kissing the tops of the twins heads, she uncurled fists from her t-shirt and wriggled out from between them. Poking her head out of her room, she padded quietly upstairs and stared at the small child she met halfway up.

"hELLo," Delirium murmured confused and still half in her brother's realm. She looked at the boy and smiled before opening her arms. She would know that tiny face anywhere. "Hello Bran Stark."

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