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Tiny fingers clung to a t-shirt several sizes to big. A hand smaller, more feminine curled and tugged at a hole in the Ramones writing. Whilst a masculine, small and tiny, held a sleeve. Like a security blanket.

It was the noise that woke her that morning, not the twins. The crashing noise from the rooms above that made her jump out of her skin. The noise coming from her old rooms or her pirates room at the very top of the treehouse. Two whole floors above her of noise, pure noise.

Kissing the tops of the twins heads, she uncurled fists from her t-shirt and wriggled out from between them. Poking her head out of her room, she padded quietly upstairs and stared at the small child she met halfway up.

"hELLo," Delirium murmured confused and still half in her brother's realm. She looked at the boy and smiled before opening her arms. She would know that tiny face anywhere. "Hello Bran Stark."
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A little figure was quickly climbing up to the top of the tree house, practically scampering like a squirrel with dirty feet in a nightshirt that was much much too big for him. He could feel his toes on the wood and evey time he bent his knees, and it was the most wonderful thing in the entire whole wide world.

When he got to the top Bran practically flung himself into a hug around her waist. "Hi!"
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"I climbed and I'm going to go all the way to the top!" He let her go so be could run around and investigate. "I've never been here before!" Even if someone could carry him there was no point when Del and the twins could just come down instead. But now Bran was here because he could walk again and climb, and it was all so good and overwhelming that if Bran stopped running around he might just start to cry. "Did you see how good I did! Do you see my legs working? They're working!"

He is, perhaps, being a little loud.
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He was about to ask about the pirate's room but was easily sidetracked bythe prospect of something he could see. "I want to see the gallery!" Bran took off to where she pointed with his sleep shirt almost reaching his little feet. But then before he could get there Bran remembered he'd come to do more than just climbing and exploring. "Oh! Ummmm. Well, I'm little and I can walk but Jon's a girl too! And Reynald! Reynald is big!"

He paused. "Are Daniel and Abby big too?"
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"Reynald's almost as tall as Robb!" It would have amused him even more at his proper age, but now he was mostly interested in much more exciting things. He took her hand as they walked, because holding hands is one more thing you can't do when you're wheeling around.

His breath hushed when they came into the room like a dim sept. But he smiled when all the pictures were revealed and wandered over to examine them. "Hello family." Bran stopped in front of the painting of the nice dark-haired lady, because her smile was best. . "We have this but it's a crypt and just for dead people. And it's dark and Rickon cried a lot but not me."
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Bran made his version of Robb's put-upon face, which was even more ridiculous at his current age than usual. Then he laughed and seized Del's hand again to tug her over to stand with him. "I like her peachy keen!" Bran declared, at an age when a smile outweighs being Death itself. "And I like him!" Pulling her over Bran went to stand in front of the broad red-headed man. "Except, um, she's scary." Bran pointed to the naked lady and whispered as if she might be able to overhear. "Are the rats eating her?"
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Bran made his own yuck face. "She's like the Rat Cook!" At ten he'd be absolutely appalled at his mistake, because the Rat Cook of course stewed people instead of rats, but it was all a fun muddle at five. "She, um." He couldn't think of anything nice to say about the scary looking sad naked woman so he just pressed his face to Del's hip. "You're prettier. And you don't eat rats."
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Bran hugged her again and stayed where he was while they looked at the pictures. Five was young enough to accept affection easily, and at this age his mother had touched his hair just that way. "Is Dream ever a three-eyed crow? 'Cause I dreamt that all the time and we were going to see him but we didn't get there so I don't know if it was him or not."
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Bran made a face at the picture when Del did and then laughed and swung on her hand as they looked at the last one. "Ummmm yes, but can we go wake up the twins please please please?" He folded his hands up and made his best pleading face. "I've been up for so long."

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Their reactions didn't faze Bran, as if there was anything in the world that could ruin his mood. "My legs work!". Staying where he was, he lifted up one of his legs and pointed to it. "See?" Then, for no reason at all, he tried to hop on one foot with his other leg in the air, and ended up wobbling against the bed before popping back up. "So we can play!"

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"Of course it's Bran, I'm just littler!" It hasn't occurred to him that they wouldn't know him, though he didn't know how different at a bouncy cheery five he was from his normal quieter, graver ten. He held a hand out to Daniel but was sensitive enough not to run up to him. "And we can play! And tell stories and act out the stories." Bran looked thunderstruck by his own good idea. "We could swim! I can't swim, couldn't but now I could!"
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They were all nearly of a height with each other, which must meant that Bran was even littler than he felt. He tried to just hold Daniel's hand and not hug him too; Bran remembered that Daniel was shy and didn't want to scare him off, but it was hard.

"Hippo float! Yes, I want to see it. And eat ice cream. Does it taste better when you're little? We should ask Reynald."
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"I don't need a swimming costume!" They didn't have them at home and Bran didn't see the point of wearing them at all. Even if he liked the ones that had animals on them. When he came to the twins' room he immediately clambered onto what he guessed was Daniel's bed. "Can we jump on them?"
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He set to bouncing at once and hopped all around the bed with wild abandon. "Trampoline!" It was such a wonder, one of many chances he hadn't even let himself hope for. He slowed down and looked a little overwhelmed by it all. It was all so much. "I can do all these things."
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“I can do it always!” Not for a moment did Bran think he would ever have to go back to before, when he was older and sadder and still. He leapt into the hug with abandon and laughed with a scrunched up face at all the kisses. It was good. The whole world and everything in it was good. Then he bounced with Abby and tried to go even higher than her before kicking his legs up and dropping onto his bottom, giggling all the while. “Your beds are the best beds!”

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"Better beds!" Because moving would be exciting! And now that he was little and his legs worked, they could play all the time. He could get to play dragons attacking the castle. "Swimming time, swimming time." He sing-songed and poked Daniel's floats with a finger then nodded satisfied.

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"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming," Bran sing-songed along as he held Daniel's hand while they tropped down from the tree house. He held his other hand out to Bruma, who was much bigger even if he wasn't full grown yet. "Summer's still big," he declared. "We should get him."
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"Did your fishie hair bite your face?" Bran had very little experience with live fish, though he liked eating dead ones. Then he waved as Barnabas disappeared down a different path. "Thank you, Barnabas! Tell Summer, um, we're swimming! What does he say?"
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"I'm going to get Summer so we can go swimming!" Bran imitated Daniel's imitation, though it was probably more chirpily excited than Barnabas ever sounded. He swung their joined hands happily. "Why not talking to me?"
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"Like I go into Summer and Hodor but I can't do it no more," Bran agreed. Magic was tricky like that. "And we ran and hunted things. But he didn't talk."

When Daniel smiled at him, Bran beamed back cheerily then spontaneously hugged him. "This is the best day ever!"