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The twins had made their lists for Nick (once he escaped from the evil clutches of the elves and delivered his presents) and so had Del but she still did not know what to get Robb Stark this year. She did not know what you got mortal men that you loved for the holidays, perhaps she should get him 'Something for that Someone Special' like the window had advertised. But Del didn't understand why Robb Stark would want to wear white fluffy edged red underwear. Maybe it was a strange mortal custom.

Putting the twins 'To Santa' list up on the board in the parlour, Del sat on one of the stools and counted to a hundred as she covered her eyes. Listening to the twins giggle and run out of sight, Del span around on the stool faster and faster until she was dizzy. As she reached zero, she stood up stumbling a little before she ran into someone.

"Sorrysorry, we're playing hide and sneak." Del said smiling.
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"Oh, hey, it's okay, honey," says Charlie, smiling brightly. She's all bundled up from the cold, Cadi held somewhat awkwardly in her arms, since they're both in so many layers. She puts her down, tugging the wool hat off Cadi's tousled copper curls.

"I don't suppose you do hot chocolate do you, Miss Del?"
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"No whipped cream for Cadi, honey," says Charlie, smoothing red curls again, as the little girl brightens at the sight of the twins.

"And I don't think any kinds of children play by the rules, Del. That's why they're children."