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Delirium ([personal profile] endlessdel) wrote2012-10-06 05:30 pm
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She hesitated, fingertips twisting at the hem of the long sleeves covering her arms. Fidgeting, she tucked herself behind a tree sighing at the unfamiliar and unpleasant sensation in her stomach. Twisting and fluttery and despairing but happy too. She clutched the box to her chest, hugging it tightly as she glanced down and stared at bare, chubby feet. Looking up Del smiled vaguely at her older sister blowing a kiss towards her.

You are nervous Sister, that is all. Stop treading into my realm or I will keep you here.

She nodded, squirming in the formal dress before she ignored the fluttery, despairing feeling and her sister before she creeped around the tree. Wandering down the path, she tugged the hem of her dress up as she skipped from place to place. It was the sight of an unknown boy that made her slow down. And she stopped suddenly, freezing in place with wide eyes before she lifted her fingers and wriggled them in greeting.

Sucking in her breath, she smiled and took a step closer trying not to fidget in the dress.

"Hi," Del said smiling as she tugged the box to her chest, hugging it close. Ignoring the way her sister, nottherenotthere, brushed a kiss against her ear. "Hello."

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