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She hesitated, fingertips twisting at the hem of the long sleeves covering her arms. Fidgeting, she tucked herself behind a tree sighing at the unfamiliar and unpleasant sensation in her stomach. Twisting and fluttery and despairing but happy too. She clutched the box to her chest, hugging it tightly as she glanced down and stared at bare, chubby feet. Looking up Del smiled vaguely at her older sister blowing a kiss towards her.

You are nervous Sister, that is all. Stop treading into my realm or I will keep you here.

She nodded, squirming in the formal dress before she ignored the fluttery, despairing feeling and her sister before she creeped around the tree. Wandering down the path, she tugged the hem of her dress up as she skipped from place to place. It was the sight of an unknown boy that made her slow down. And she stopped suddenly, freezing in place with wide eyes before she lifted her fingers and wriggled them in greeting.

Sucking in her breath, she smiled and took a step closer trying not to fidget in the dress.

"Hi," Del said smiling as she tugged the box to her chest, hugging it close. Ignoring the way her sister, nottherenotthere, brushed a kiss against her ear. "Hello."
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Summerfell was ringed by a tall and dense forest, a jungle, wetter and more filled with life than the great woods of the North. There was one wood-lined path that led to the rest of the island and, beyond that, the sea. Bran hadn't seen it yet, but he could hear under the chirps and rustling of the jungle. Tomorrow, he would see if it was as wide and blue as everyone said.

This afternoon he was in the yard practicing with the borrowed wheeled chair with Summer watching every move. Moving himself was tiring and hurt his arms if he did it too long, but if he wanted to go places without being carried or pushed Bran would have to get better. For now he was doing slow, imprecise spins.

When he spun all the way back into place, there was a woman standing there. Her long, rich dress was more like something from home than anything else wore, and Bran liked it immediately. "Hello."
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Summer was a direwolf of like size to his siblings, large enough that his shoulders came up to the handles of Bran's chair with sharp teeth to match; he was not what one would typically call a puppy dog, no matter how sweet a disposition. He trotted over to the woman and sniffed her suspiciously as though confirming that she was indeed alive and not something undead in disguise. Convinced, he stepped forward and delicately took the treat from her hand.

"Summer," Bran said as he watched the woman. She seemed kind- everyone here was uncommonly nice with hardly any askance glances at his broken legs. Her Tully coloring reminded Bran of his mother, but this woman's eyes were strange. "I'm Bran."
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The treat disappeared in one quick bite and then he leaned his nose in close to the woman's face to sniff her. Bran wished he could slip into Summer so that he could smell her and find out about her too. That had been taken away though, and, anyway, it would be rude to do it right in front of her. Whatever Summer smelled, he seemed satisfied and licked once against her cheek in greeting.

"I really am," he said, polite and curious as he shook her hand. "Hello. You're Del, Robb's lady friend?"
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"It's nice to meet you, Lady Del." Her speech was strange, she looked like one of the ladies from home but didn't talk like one. No one did. She looked too old for Robb, but then Robb was too old for Robb here. One of her eyes was so very blue.

Bran met her eyes and looked at her like she was a puzzle as much of a person, something that he had to figure out. Robb had spoken of her in passing, but Bran only knew what she wasn't. Not Robb's wife, not Reynald's mother. She was Robb's something else. Bran didn't know there could be a something else.

"Robb's courting you."
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He blinked at her. A person didn't get to just be called a lady: she either was one or she wasn't. If she was...then she was and that was the end of the matter. Maybe it was like kings here. Maybe there weren't ladies either.

Bran wasn't sure if he liked that there weren't any rules, but it meant Arya could wear men's clothes and carry swords, which made her happy. He wanted Robb to be happy too. "And you're going to get married."

"Yes, um, you didn't need to get me a present. But thank you."
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That was not an answer in the slightest, it was a very polite way of saying no. Bran frowned. Robb shouldn't get married because he's not old enough, except that he is, but regardless people should want to marry him, because he was kind and strong and handsome. If she didn't want to there was something the matter with her, not Robb.

But he was too polite to say any of that to her face. He would ask Robb, in secret. Or Jon, maybe. Jon would tell him all about it.

"Thank you," he said politely and took the box to put in his lap and lift out the tub inside. The ice was cold against his fingers, only now it felt refreshing and cool instead of freezing. Inside the tub was cold and soft, pale like milk. "It's a sweet?"
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Taking the spoon, he dipped it into the dessert and looked at it for a moment before trying it. It was sweet and cold, and then his mind is back beyond the Wall, back to the nights with snow in his mouth until it melted down enough to swallow. When it was so cold he thought they might not wake up even if they were all curled up together.

I'm not beyond the Wall now. I'm here, where it's warm, safe. It wasn't the hottest part of the day yet and already his shirt was sticking to his back, and his siblings were just inside. A little wan, Bran smiled at her and made himself take another bite to just taste it instead of remembering bad things. This time it was better. "Thank you very much. I like the mint. How do you make it? How do you get it to stay so cold?"
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Bran scooped a little more out and caught Summer looking it over. "You wouldn't like it," he told him and scratched one of his ears. "You can go hunt if you're hungry." But Summer stayed right by his side and secretly Bran was glad. "Do you use electricity power to make it work?" It was what made the lights work without fire and the machines in the kitchens. Magic but now.

Now he looked more interested. Realms were something he understood, and he wanted to know more about Robb's lady who wasn't a lady. "You were a queen?"
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Bran blinked at her.

He looked openly and exceedingly skeptical.

"Are you trying to tell me you're one of the Seven," he asked, and no matter how courteous he was trying to be his voice was flatly disbelieving. "That you're- the Maiden."
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Bran's fingers tensed around the tub in his lap and his whole body unconsciously drew back to settle into something tense and wary as he stared at her like she was a mystery, but a dangerous one. "Because you're not old enough to be the Mother or the Crone...so there was only one left..."

He shook his as though that would settle her jumble of words into a neat explanation. "No, that's. No. There's only six things there, anyway, and you can't just..." He bit his lip hard enough to hurt. Destiny and Death and Destruction and Despair and bad things, they were bad things, and he didn't know what to do. "Don't pretend, it's not a joke. So stop pretending."
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"No. No." He looked away from her and concentrated on Summer, smoothing his fur down and looking into his direwolf's eyes as he tried to compose himself. If she were really dangerous, Summer would know and he would rip her throat out. Grey Wind too, he's been watching out for Robb this whole time.

Bran wondered what he would smell if he could go into Summer, if she smelled like a person or...something else. She sounded kind, she sounded like she loved Robb even if she didn't want to marry him. And Theon Greyjoy had sat at their table for years and years before he took Winterfell and tried to hunt down him and Rickon.

"Gods aren't people," he told her as he looked at her feet instead of her face. "You can't meet them. They don't make sweets."
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"That doesn't sound any different from a god," he retorted, because it was easy to be stubborn about this. He'd had to accept so many impossible things in the past day and here was finally a place to dig his heels in.

Bran stared penetratingly at her like she was a weirwood tree and if he looked hard enough she'd reveal her true face. There was something of the wolf in him as well as the boy. He wanted Jojen or Maester Luwin to be here and explain it to him.

"Which are you then? If your brothers and sisters are Death and Despair and Destruction?"
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She was so calm and cheerful in the face of his obstinacy, it was easy to see why Robb would like her. Bran softened, a little. It was clear from the way Summer leaned into the petting that he didn't think she was dangerous. He could be as suspicious and protective of his brother as he wanted, but maybe he could be courteous at the same time. That's what Mother would say to do.

Bran ate another spoonful while he listened and tried to keep his expression neutral. "What did you do, if you were endless? Listen to peoples' prayers?"

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