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The morning air was cool, sweet as she waited for him. Robb. A soft smile lit her face as she shivered in the breeze. Drawing his borrowed, stolen... Robb's shirt tighter around her body, around her shoulders, she took a step closer to the sea and to the friend that was slowly waking. Her hand and gaze tilting upwards as she stared at her beloved friend, Sol.

Whispering a soft prayer, closing her eyes in the old forgotten magic, she took a step further into the water and let the water wash over her. Almost forgetting where or who she was. She was Delirium, Delight, Del. Tempus Frangit. Time had changed her, time had broken her but now she was older and now she was stronger. Because of her cage, because of him, because of everything that had happened. She was stronger, she didn't need to hold onto the old hurt anymore.

"It's okay, it's okay now..." Del whispered, letting her fingertips brush the water before she opened her eyes. Head turning and smile lighting up her face as her mismatched eyes caught sight of the man who made her stronger, who made her weaker. The man that she loved. Wading back in, she moved up the beach quickly before coming to a sudden stop in front of him. "Good morning Robb Stark."

Leaning up onto her tiptoes, Del went to kiss him before turning her head and brushing her lips against his cheek. "Good morning Robb."
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He's been watching her, while she's wading. Robb would be mistaken at best, lying at worst to say he understands this, how he ended up with Del or why on earth she wants him. But what was unnervingly strange at first came to feel natural--which, on reflection, shouldn't be all that odd itself, since he's also managed to get used to freak changes in age, sex, population and climate.

His life could, after all, be far stranger.

He smiles when she comes back in out of the water, the odd coltish grace, wild hair, mismatched eyes.

"Is it morning?" he teases, reaching for her hands.
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"Maybe," Robb counters, admitting nothing, planting a kiss on the tip of her nose. "Or maybe I actually just don't know if you're telling me the truth..."
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Robb is a man who can take a hint, and as much as he enjoys teasing her, he likes kissing her properly, too. So he doesn't answer for a moment, or ask about Sol and Venus and what exactly it is they're out here to see.

For a moment.

"What are we watching Venus do?" It sounds like a euphemism for something, for he remembers Venus being a name for a goddess of love, on earth. With Del, it's sometimes hard to know what to take literally.
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"How often is not often?" Robb asks curiously, easing Del against his side, enjoying the way she fits there. "Years, lifetimes...?"
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Some human lifetimes are very short indeed, but those are never the ones men measure by. "Then I'm glad to see it," Robb says simply. The stars are different than the ones they have at home, and their omens are too. But he is not a maester or a magician to read portents in their movements.
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"Human eyes were definitely not meant to stare at the sun," Robb says dryly, following her to the blanket. "It makes us see spots."
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Robb really doesn't care too much what the sun looks like. He stretches out on the blanket, wrapping an arm around Del and easing her against him, the other hand folded behind his head.
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Robb smiles a little, turning to face her, brushing the pad of his thumb across her lips. "I don't think I'll ask what you mean by a long time, this time," he says lighty, and kisses her.
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"I know," Robb says, his fingertips brushing across the line of her cheek. "But I think there are some things my brain wasn't meant to understand."
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"Most incomprehensible of all," Robb says, because sometimes it is. Then her hands are sliding along his skin, and he'd probably forget about the transition of Venus or whatever it is, if she hadn't called his attention back to it. He laughs. "I should stop doing that, then."
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Robb is not sure he believes the last part, but he's terribly curious about the box. "What is it?"
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"Without hurting our eyes," Robb finishes; he'd only understood the most basic parts but when she puts it all together, it does make sense.
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"I very much like yours," Robb says, before he can really think about it. It's true; her odd heterochromatic eyes fascinate him. He eases her against him, falling silent to watch this transit of Venus thing happen.
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Robb watches in silence for a moment, arms loosely around Del. "...I don't think I'd quite realised how big the sun is, compared to us," he admits quietly, watching the tiny speck of a planet cross the image of the bigger, glowing star.
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"There was a star here, before," Robb says thoughtfully. "The girl with the purple skin, do you remember?" He hadn't known her well, but he remembers her. It's good, he thinks, to remember all of them, even the ones you barely spoke to, if you can. It means they were real.
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"Yes," Robb says, after a moment to think back, his fingers stroking absently over Del's arm. "I remember her, too. So strange to think about, but I suppose not for you. Some of the rest of us are not used to people who aren't people."
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"It must be," Robb says earnestly, "and I do not begin to understand it." He's all right with this; he's never been a man to try and second-guess the gods, and that seems to essentially be what Del is, though whether she's more like one of the Seven or the children of the forest, he doesn't know.
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Robb can understand that--being a lord and a king and gods know a father are not easy things either, but they are part of his makeup now, indivisible from the rest of him. He turns his attention back to the littel box, watching the small darker dot make the end of its journey across the bigger, brighter one.
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He gathers her up, holding her loosely against him. "It is nice, isn't it?"