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She tiptoed through the towers, quiet as a mouse humming to herself as she danced around Jarko, slipping beneath his arms and out of his reach as she giggled. She thought about pulling his hair, funfunfun but Asher was scowling in the corner. Grumpy daddy was in a bad mood, he never let her play any fun games. He never let her girl Danica, he never let her have fun with the prisoners, he never let her do anything.

"BoooRing," Del sang quietly, giggling as Danica turned catching sight of her. Ducking down as Danica threw a glass paperweight at her head, Del grinned and slipped down the glass corridor hurrying along and out of sight. She was safe here, safe and trapped. The cage Danica had placed her in might not be small, the chains she had her in might not be made of metal but she was trapped here all the same. Until someone mortal could pull her out. Someone mortal like- "Ohoh hiiii!"

Del peered through the door, grinning at the man tied up and half naked. Pressing her face against a glass panel she blew a raspberry against the glass and waved at him. Virago moving behind her and blocking the door. Prisoner and guard, now that was funfunfun.

"You're not supposed to be here, go away." Del turned at the voice and scowled before grinning as Virago backed away from her. Giggling Del twisted the world for Virago making it seem like very bad things were happening. Watching as she wildly, madly clawed at her skin and fell backwards into a heap. Taking a bow, she sneaked through the room and looked at the man with a grin.

"Hello, they don't want me to play with you. They're being mean and boring plotting, snoresnoresnore." Delirium said bouncing into the room before sliding to a stop before him, her head tilted to one side as she watched him. "But you're not boring, you're much more fun and alive too. They don't bring alive people in here too often, they're scared. Big scaredy cats. Do all humans not wear shirts?"

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