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She tiptoed through the towers, quiet as a mouse humming to herself as she danced around Jarko, slipping beneath his arms and out of his reach as she giggled. She thought about pulling his hair, funfunfun but Asher was scowling in the corner. Grumpy daddy was in a bad mood, he never let her play any fun games. He never let her girl Danica, he never let her have fun with the prisoners, he never let her do anything.

"BoooRing," Del sang quietly, giggling as Danica turned catching sight of her. Ducking down as Danica threw a glass paperweight at her head, Del grinned and slipped down the glass corridor hurrying along and out of sight. She was safe here, safe and trapped. The cage Danica had placed her in might not be small, the chains she had her in might not be made of metal but she was trapped here all the same. Until someone mortal could pull her out. Someone mortal like- "Ohoh hiiii!"

Del peered through the door, grinning at the man tied up and half naked. Pressing her face against a glass panel she blew a raspberry against the glass and waved at him. Virago moving behind her and blocking the door. Prisoner and guard, now that was funfunfun.

"You're not supposed to be here, go away." Del turned at the voice and scowled before grinning as Virago backed away from her. Giggling Del twisted the world for Virago making it seem like very bad things were happening. Watching as she wildly, madly clawed at her skin and fell backwards into a heap. Taking a bow, she sneaked through the room and looked at the man with a grin.

"Hello, they don't want me to play with you. They're being mean and boring plotting, snoresnoresnore." Delirium said bouncing into the room before sliding to a stop before him, her head tilted to one side as she watched him. "But you're not boring, you're much more fun and alive too. They don't bring alive people in here too often, they're scared. Big scaredy cats. Do all humans not wear shirts?"
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"I don't know, are all whatever-the-hell-you-are crazy?" Hannibal asked. Somehow though, he felt like he knew the answer to that question, like he had seen this lady before. He was pretty sure that he would have remembered a chick this crazy and this hot though, that much was for sure.

"Tell you what, you get me out of here and we'll play hide-and-go-fuck or shits-and-ladders or whatever else you want, okay?"
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Hannibal almost jerked his head away when she ran her fingers through his hair, but it was an oddly comforting gesture, almost motherly.

"I don't know what kind of shit you're high on right now, but only one of us is in chains, and I'm not in them just because I'm into kinky stuff."
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Great, this was like one of hose trained elephant things, where the elephant was tied to a stick when it was little and always thought it had to stay close to the stick as it got bigger.

"But if you let me out, Princess Crazygonuts, then I can kill her and then jizz on her ashes or whatever the fuck I need to do to get you free."
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"Holy fuck where were you before I got my first beating?" Hannibal asked, slowly rising to his feet as he twisted and turned, rubbing his wrists. He was fairly sure nothing was broken or damaged too badly.

"So I don't suppose you have any weapons hiding on you? If you don't, can I check anyways just in case you've forgotten?"
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"Woman, has anyone ever told you that you're crazy?" he asked, taking the gun from the clearly demented woman. He wasn't even entirely sure he wasn't hallucinating her and that any moment he was going to wake up to Jarko's dog humping his face.

He was alone, with some sort of magical crazy woman as his responsibility with nothing but a gun to take out a huge nest of vampires. Probably not the best sort of situation to find himself in, but backup should arrive eventually.
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Hannibal kept the gun level, sweeping it back and forth as the edged out of the door and down the hallway. Vampires were fast, but they couldn't outrun a bullet, only the human reaction time it took to fire one.

As if her talking about it had summoned them, two large dogs and a tiny Pomeranian rounded the corner.

"Those aren't bad dogs," he said. "Contrary to popular belief and their depictions in the media, they're-"

All three of the dogs opened their mouths, revealing seriously fucked up mouths and what could not be standard dental work for the animals.

"Fuck me, those are some very bad dogs," he said, already firing at them while he pushed the woman more firmly behind him.
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For a woman that didn't think now was the time for sex, she sure liked to have her hands all over him. In a situation where his life wasn't on the line, it might have been kind of kinky and exciting. Well, maybe it was still kinky and exciting, but it was also distracting.

"I don't suppose you can do that water trick with more than just chains? Because it would be really fucking great if this entire floor was a swimming pool right about now," he said, hitting one of the bigger dogs in the head and causing it to fall over dead.
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"No, this entire floor. I can't fucking outrun a dog but I sure as shit can out swim them," He said, pushing her along and firing behind him. If they didn't figure out something soon they were both going to be puppy chow.

"Or shit, just turn the floor into silver or garlic or make me fart sunshine, just something that can kill them."
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Hannibal only took a moment to watch the dogs burn from the ground up before he pushed Del through the doors at the end of the hall and into the next area. It wouldn't be long before there were more vampires after them and as good as King was at killing them, he couldn't wake out a whole building worth like this.

"You have a very nice front and back," he told her, glancing around the larger corridor. "Excellent tits and ass. Now if you don't mind, we really need to head down so we can get the fuck out of here."
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"We get out of here Peaches and we will do all the shivering you want to do," Hannibal said, blowing Asher a kiss of his own. He reached out and pressed the woman back against the wall of the elevator, "accidentally" putting his arm across her breasts. To protect her, of course.
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"That would be Abby," Hannibal said, more than happy to cop a feel if the crazy lady was willing to let him. Hannibal might very well die in the next few moments so why not go out feeling some really nice breasts?

"And our rescue. When the doors open at the bottom, I'm going to blaze a path with gunfire. You don't stop running for anything, okay?"
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"You are a freaky little thing, aren't you?" he asked as her hand grabbed his ass. Not that Hannibal was complaining or anything.

"And you're saying I have to go find Danica, kill her, and THEN you can leave?"
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"So I just, what, scuff my toe on the doorway and you're free to go?" he asked. It seemed ridiculous, which made sense since everything this girl was doing was absolutely ridiculous. Normal just wouldn't have fit her M.O.
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"Yeah, Drake is a real charmer like that," Hannibal said. Blade and Abby were probably coming here to rescue Hannibal and, more importantly, deal with Drake. The first vampire was seriously fucking scary and Hannibal was secretly glad it was Blade that was supposed to deal with him.

"Look, I'll make sure you can get out, but then you need to run. We have to take care of this mess here."

Which was unfortunately, because Hannibal would totally be up for some co-rescue sex after this, but saving humanity came first.
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"Sure, okay. Kiss for luck."

Hannibal pulled her close and kissed her deep, hands reaching down to squeeze her ass tight before pulling away. Pressing against the wall of the elevator, there was a ding and the door opened. Hannibal immediately ran out shooting. The nice thing about vampires is that they generally didn't use guns. All he had to do was survive until he got to the front door and crazy lady was good to go.
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Hannibal glanced back to see the woman still where she was, just standing there. Apparently he hadn't hid whatever special trigger he was supposed to. Turning back around he flopped onto the threshold of the door, waving his arms wildly about and squirming, hoping to break the barrier that caught the woman here.
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Hannibal glanced down to see that his foot was near some line that was probably not part of the building's original architecture. His powerslide and snow angel hadn't been quite as effective as he had hoped they would be. Straining his foot, he smudged the line with his toe, scuffing it until it was broken.
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The expression on Del's face was truly frightening. Far more than Danica or even Drake had been. That was the expression of madness seriously pissed off. Scrambling to his feet, Hannibal bolted out of the door. He met Abby a few steps out and grabbed her arm.

"RUN!" he shouted, half dragging her after him. "The whole place is gonna go to fucking hell in a batshit handbasket!"
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Whatever had happened at the building where all the vampires were was some seriously freaky shit. It had been like shooting fish in a barrel by the time it was all done, the vampires being easy pray after whatever Delirium had done to them. Any doubts as to whether or not she had been the personification of insanity vanished after she razed the place.

Which Hannibal had found really, really hot.

When she appeared in his room though, it still freaked him out and he had nearly shot her. Or he had pulled his gun on her, he doubt he would have been able to shoot her before she had changed his Beef Eater into a fish or something like that.

"Son of a bitch that's freaky when you just appear out of nowhere."
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"Well nowhere is somewhere so if you appeared out of everywhere, one of the places you appeared out of was nowhere," he said. He probably wouldn't win a debate of screwed up logic with Delirium, but if he talked fast enough without thinking, he might hold his own for an exchange or two.

"And yeah, they're all ash now. Like shooting fish in a barrel after you were done with them."
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There weren't a lot of things that scared Hannibal. Pain was just one way to let you know you were really pissing your enemies off and he had died once before so any life he had now was just a bonus. Death was death and the end. Dying and living in some sort of twisted, messed up world though? That was some scary shit.

"Right, sorry, bouncing," he said, standing up and bouncing on the bed. It actually hadn't been all that long ago he had last bounced on a bed, it was just been in a more horizontal position. This was pretty fun though.